Policies To Republish Our Content

First of all, thank you so much to think about republish our content.

And it’s really free?

Absolutely free. You guys can republish our content free of cost.

If you want to republish our content you can but there are some Guidelines for Sharing and Republishing Content you have to follow them.

  1. The first thing is to contact us.
  2. If you want to translate one blog from MedSol to another language. Then you do but first, you have to contact us for approval.
  3. If you want to republish the blog on your platform then you have followed some Content Attribution Policy below:
  • Include the canonical tag to the article so MedSol is noted as the original source: <link rel=”canonical” href=”URL OF BLOG POST”>.
  • Wait two to three weeks between the publication date and the time you re-post an article.

Can I use your photos and illustrations?

For the availability of more and more our images, we are working very hard. The images are available for republication for non-commercial purposes.

So how do I know if a photo can be republished?

It is very easy you have to contact us for this and we will tell you that the photo or illustration is available or republish or not. Contact us at “—–”.

What are the requirements for republishing photos?

  • You have to maintain the caption information.
  • You have to give the credit to the photographer and MedSol in the caption.
  • Do not digitally alter images.

Social sharing

Obviously, we love when you share our substance by means of web-based media. In the event that you need this to grab our eye, kindly contact us to get Twitter to handle and hashtags (across every friendly stage).

Article summaries

Don’t hesitate to distribute an outline of any of our articles, alongside a connection to the full piece. What’s more, on the off chance that you incorporate our Twitter hashtag and handles, we’ll help spread the adoration.