Peeling Skin on Fingers Near Nails Home Remedies

Peeling Skin on Fingers Near Nails Home Remedies

Peeling skin on fingers near nails is a very common issue in all of us. This problem is uncomfortable as well as concerning. Most of the time, this problem has been ignored as it is a usual activity in day-to-day life. But it results in an underlying condition. It can also be accompanied by other problems like itching or redness. Peeling skin near nails can be extremely painful particularly while eating or when interacting with water. Peeling is the result of environmental variants & various internal or external factors. Here we are going to discuss some of them and a few home remedies for the treatment of peeling skin on fingers.

Causes of peeling finger skin

Skin peeling arises due to environmental changes like weather or due to changes inside the body like a lack of water level & many more. The skin might peel due to various reasons. But skin peeling on your fingers states a serious condition. Here we are going to discuss some of the external & internal factors, that listed below:

External factors

External factors are also known as environmental factors. Your skin is regularly coming in contact with environmental elements and pollutants. These factors damage your skin & cause infections. Here are a few external reasons for your finger skin peeling due to the outside environment.

Exposure to environment

Our skin is always in contact with the outside environment. Specifically, our hands come in the contract of environment. In different types of weather, the environment has been changing from one state to another. Because of weather changes, some chemicals & reactants are exposed to the environment. Eventually, it leads the skin to be dry & results in peeling.

Exposure to detergents and soaps

The use of detergents & soaps is one of the major causes for skin peeling on hands, termed as hand eczema. Mostly when we use these chemicals like soaps, detergents, floor cleaners, nail paints, or excessive use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers in our daily based life, then these chemicals affect our skin badly. In a COVID situation, everyone uses hand sanitizer excessively. This sanitizer helps in protecting us from germs & bacteria. But they have a bad impact on our hand’s skin. This is also a reason for the peeling of the skin.  


If you see redness, swollen skin, or itching around your peeled skin then this can be due to bacterial or fungal infection. It may occur due to any unhygienic practice or coming in contact with any bacteria or fungus. These fungi are mostly present in humid and unhygienic environments. In this case, a doctor’s consultation is a must before it gets serious and more painful we should take prescription

Internal factors

Peeling the skin is not always caused due to environmental reasons. There could be some internal factors that lead to skin damage. Let’s discuss some internal factors:

Iron deficiency

Lack of iron in our body can also cause peeling finger skin. This deficiency may last longer & if it gets fine, then it will start to peel again. Lack of iron can also lead to Anemia which can cause further decline in red blood cells and make this issue more severe.


Dehydration means a lack of water inside the body. Lack of water in the human body leads to dryness of the skin that results in peeling of the skin. Dehydration occurs due to less consumption of water or non-caffeinated drinks. Dehydration can cause many other issues like faster aging of the skin & many more.

Lack of certain vitamins in nutrition

Lack of certain vitamins like vitamin B-3(niacin) and calcium in our diet also causes peeling of skin around nails. If the concentration of vitamins in our diet is very low, then it may cause diarrhea & dementia.

Certain bad habits

Certain bad habits like biting nails or fingers & thumb sucking are unhygienic habits that lead to skin damage. These habits can damage cuticles. And it will also create a way for entering the bacteria & fungi into your skin. This habit is commonly seen in infants or children below the age of five years.

How do you treat peeling fingers? 

Peeling fingers can be treated with the help of doctors by taking prescribed medicines. The precautions are given by dermatologists for skincare, helpful for the skin peeling treatment. Here I am going to tell you about a few home remedies to stop peeling of your finger skin around nails.

Moisturizing you skin

You can start using any moisturizing hand cream. You should massage your hands and nail holes properly to avoid the dryness of your hands. This moisturizing creates a protective layer on your cuticles around nails which stops the skin from getting peeled when it comes in contact with the environment or chemicals.


As per doctors, a normal adult should take at least 3-4 of water per day to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Intake of the required amount of water not only reduces the peeling of skin but also helps in making skin glow. It can also help in improving things like body temperature, keeping joints lubricated, and enhancing mood

Increase iron intake 

As lack of iron is also one of the reasons for peeling skin so you should increase the intake of iron in your diet .you should foods with high iron in them like a boiled potato, spinach, lentils, and white beans. Dark leafy vegetables are also a good supplement for this and can improve the level of the iron amount in your body 

 Use olive oil

You can also use olive oil as a moisturizer for best results. it is treated as a natural moisturizer which you can apply on your cuticles of nails and let it soak for 1-2 minutes let it get soaked well within your skin. After it gets soaked your skin gets soft, moisturized, and free from all kinds of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Use cucumber

Cucumber is rich in various vitamins and copper and potassium as well. It can help in keeping the body hydrated and lowering the risk of other diseases as well. It can be applied directly to the damaged skin to reduce irritation and redness. You can put slices of it on your damaged skin it helps in restoring damaged skin too

Lukewarm water

Soaking your hands in lukewarm water for a few minutes can help in loosening your skin and then applying any lotion or olive oil will get you better results as compared to doing it without soaking. It is a kind of detox for your skin that can help in purifying your skin makes it look refreshing and dust-free.


There can be many reasons for peeling finger skin above work given few of them. Normal symptoms can be treated with home remedies. But in case if the pain is increasing, the cuticles are getting swollen or the redness is increasing, then you should see a doctor. You should not only rely on home remedies. You should see a doctor as soon as you realize these remedies aren’t making any difference to your condition. It can be a serious health issue too. Here we have discussed some home remedies to treat your skin peeling problem around your nails. These remedies become more helpful in treating redness & pain.

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