Negative side effects of rebounding

Negative side effects of rebounding

Rebounding is one of the most popular exercises that we can do at any place. You can find its workouts online easily. This exercise is used to increase the strength of the legs and endurance. Mainly legs muscles are used in this exercise it is just like jumping, kicking, and sprinting. In this, you push down your body on the mat your legs. Most of the experts & study’s result says that we should do workout exercises in an accurate way otherwise there are various side effects of rebounding.

Here in this article, we have shared the information on various drawbacks of rebounding & what is the correct step to do rebounding.

Negative drawbacks of rebounding


All the exercises have both positive impacts and negative impacts. And all the exercises have some drawbacks also. Rebounding can also negatively affect our bodies if we do it in the wrong way.  Every year many injuries are done while doing workouts like ankle sprain & knee pain etc. Here is the list of negative side effects of rebounding.

  • Directly effect on the spine

It has sudden effects on our back if anybody has some back problem history so it is not appropriate for them. while doing it and jumping up & down, our back is stretched and it makes pressure on our back discs. Make sure can’t make more pressure on your back while doing it. But if you are fit & have a strong back it is fine for you.

  •  Bad for weak ankles

Ankles play the main role in jumping & then balancing. As we get older our ankles start getting older & weaker and balancing start decrease. Met condition is also made differences. It is necessary to do it on a soft mat surface. While jumping on a hard surface having more chance of feeling discomfort and it makes pressure on our ankles directly.      

  •  Pain in knees

If a people have a bad posture while jumping and especially while landing not bend his knees at a time and at a proper angle he might be hurt his knees. And if a rebounder jump on a hard mat surface getting more chance to hurt his knees and lower legs.

  • Bad for muscle imbalance

If a people have a muscle imbalance problem it is not the right time for him to do it. The wrong posture might be the main cause behind this. But if he continues doing it in the wrong way, it is very dangerous for his body & might he damage his body tissues.

  • Not good for hypertension patient

If a person has hypertension so it is not the right time to do it. Because it can increase his heart rate and it might be dangerous for his health. So firstly he resolves his hypertension then starts doing it.

  • Not good for nerve

For people who were suffering from nerve-related issues like sciatic and have any past history, rebounding can be dangerous for you, you can skip it and do any other simple exercise in place of it like walking.

  • Bad for bladder

People who have less control over urinary. Especially women who recently gave birth to a child face some urinary issues like leakage or urinary inconsistency.

Please don’t do it. Because while jumping bladder movement is also increased along with, the pressure put on the bladder and can cause urinary issues.

  • Alignment

If you are using a low-quality rebounder it can have an uneven bounce. if your body was thrown on that it can cause many physical issues. So always try to use a better quality rebounder.

How to start rebounding

Recently rebounding is the most trending exercise. But it can’t be an easy exercise. It has more than just rebounder or jumping. Few things are cleared in your mind before starting it. 

  • Start with simple Jogging

Start with some normal jogging in place of any other warmup exercise. 

  • Warm-up your body

Start with easy jumping to warm your body muscles low jumping is fine, not necessary to jump very high.

  • Proper intervals

Take proper intervals of time between the session and start with small sessions. Fewer intervals of time can cause injuries.

  • Bladder

Try most of the time to keep your bladder empty. If your feel starting any bladder leakage problem contact Dr. first.

  •  Trust on your Body

You have to know what you can do, Choose that many sessions your body will allow. how much muscle control do you have. Do not push yourself too much.

Precautions Before starting rebounding

Before doing any exercise better to take Dr. advice first. He can tell you whether exercise is appropriate for you or not and expert advice tell you the best information about the related tools. Follow this step to avoid negative side effects of rebounding.

  • Use a better-quality rebounder who has an even bounce.
  • Move the rebounder away from the other things.
  • Don’t do the same workout for a long time.
  • Choose the rebounder who has an extra handlebar & stability for balancing.
  • Stop immediately if you feel any discomfort.


Start with some basic exercises These are some negative points of rebounding and we can change them into positive ones.  Normally avoid it when you are not fully fit and feel any discomfort. And when you are fit, so do it in an accurate way. If you feel starting dizzy, tired take a break from it. Because it directly affects our joints & bones. And it might be a main cause of injuries. And it is not good for a person who has past injuries & surgery history. They take Dr. advice first or do it under the guidance of an expert.

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