Best Home Remedies for Cracked Foreskin

Best Home Remedies for Cracked Foreskin

Cracks and dry skin are common, and most of the time it is not serious and can be treated over time with the help of home remedies for cracked foreskin. This crack and dry foreskin most of the time happens because of a pre-existing condition and is generally not a cause of concern. Try to avoid all sexual activities.

Before discussing all home remedies for cracked foreskin, you have to know about what causes cracks on the foreskin and how you can prevent them by just using some home remedies for cracked foreskin. 

What causes cracks on the foreskin?

Below are some of the main reasons for cracking on the foreskin discussed.


Chafing is one of the reasons for dry skin and cracks on the foreskin. It happens because of tight clothes and underwear it rubs around the genital area resulting in dryness in that area. In uncircumcised men, it causes moisture and fungus infection under the foreskin. Try wearing loose clothes and underwear, like boxers, that allow some space for your genitals.

Dry body washes

Some of the body wash, soap or shampoo contain rough cleansers, and chemicals in them, that cause a drying effect on the foreskin. When washing your foreskin, only, do it with warm water and mild soap or with baby shampoo or other products for sensitive skin areas. After washing, it is important to rinse the area properly to remove any traces of the product. Do not do any sexual activity for a few days in the meantime, apply some good lotion so that the skin gets some moisture.

Dry sex

Long sexual intercourse without the use of lubrication can make the skin of the penis dry eventually it will lead to itching and peeling. It is recommended to use lubricants to avoid irritation, itching, and peeling. Doctors usually recommend water-based lubricants for patients who have sensitive skin.


If you notice dryness in your foreskin and it is accompanied by sneezing, runny nose, or watery eyes it is often caused due to an allergic reaction. This allergic reaction can be caused by deodorants latex condoms with spermicides. if you notice that your penis has a red itchy rash or swollen penis it could be possible that it is from latex allergy.

These symptoms usually take around 48 hours to appear after coming in contact with the cause of the allergy. If you are allergic to latex condoms try switching to silicone condoms. Applying a specialized penis cream after bathing or showering prevents moisture from fading away and prevents dryness. When you start noticing these allergic symptoms, immediately consult a doctor.

Yeast infection

Uncircumcised men or men with poor genital hygiene are more prone to genital infections. symptoms of yeast infection often include peeling skin, white patches, uneven discharge under the foreskin, swelling or irritation around the penis, and painful sex, and urination. If you notice these symptoms, start applying antifungal cream to the head of the penis and under the foreskin for around 10 days. Moreover, try avoiding sexual encounters until the infection clears up because yeast infections are contagious. The moment you start noticing these symptoms, try to visit a doctor immediately—they can help you better.


Itchiness, peeling skin which is accompanied by dryness with fluid blisters could be the symptoms of eczema. If you start noticing these symptoms, a medical diagnosis is required to properly check if you are suffering from eczema or not. Immediately book an appointment with your doctor.


It is a skin condition that causes dryness, it also includes symptoms like small red and shiny patches. Corticosteroids are usually prescribed by doctors for the treatment of this condition.


Caused by poor hygiene or infection, balanitis results in swelling of the head of the penis its symptoms are red spots swelling and itching. This medical condition can be easily treated or avoided by practicing good hygiene. If you are suffering from a serious case of balanitis consult with your doctor immediately.


There are other conditions that cause dryness and cracks on the foreskin. Some of the times It can be caused by a fungus or bacterial infection usually; they are not always sexually transmitted. A person might have a small tear and then the wound becomes infected by a fungus or a bacteria. Fungal or antibacterial creams are prescribed by the doctor at times like these.

How to prevent cracks on the foreskin?

Follow these tips below to prevent cracks and dryness on the foreskin

  • Take a properly balanced diet to prevent dryness and cracks on the foreskin. Drinking plenty of fluids and including fruits and vegetables in your diet will help in preventing this problem.
  • Massaging the genital area with herbal oil can keep penis skin healthy.
  • If you are continuously suffering from cuts, cracks, and dryness on the foreskin, immediately stop using harsh soap and cleansers on sensitive areas. Try using baby oil, or baby shampoo, soaps, or body wash, which are made for sensitive areas.
  • In some cases, an exercise that involves deep breathing like Yoga also helps.
  • Try avoiding junk food, fried food, processed food, and canned food.
  • If you are suffering from diabetes, you should try to maintain good glycemic control to prevent complications

Home remedies for cracked foreskin

Few tips are provided below to prevent cracks and dryness on the foreskin. Take a properly balanced diet to prevent dryness and cracks on the foreskin. Drinking plenty of fluids and including fruits and vegetables in your diet will help prevent this problem.

Many times, tears heal on their own and require no attention, and it is not that concerning if the foreskin experiences slight bleeding with little pain, but it is always better to prevent further damage by using basic aid to stop bleeding.

  • Wash your hands properly with soap and water and let them dry.
  • Use a clean, dry cloth to stop the blood flow.
  • Wash the injury with fresh water.
  • Let it dry out using a sterile and soft cotton cloth.
  • You can also use the ointment, which is specially made for foreskin tear, to stop blood flow.

Avoid all sexual activity for at least 24 hours before starting the treatment of cracked and dry foreskin to allow time for healing, and try to drink plenty of water to help hydrate your body.

When Bathing or showering, use products that are made for sensitive skin, avoid using soaps on your genitals instead of just using warm water. if you use soap, rinse properly after washing to remove all traces of the product.

After bathing or showering, use a special penis moisturizing cream. It is a cream, which is specially designed for the sensitive skin on the penis, use it regularly. Try avoiding hands and body lotion, as they contain chemicals that can trigger an allergic reaction.

In case, if the bleeding does not stop after a few hours despite using the basic aid, then you should consult a doctor.

If you start noticing some heavy symptoms which are listed above, try visiting a doctor. It could be possible that you are suffering from a bacterial or fungal infection that may require some special treatment.

When to seek help

If the home remedies are not working, or if it lasts longer than a few days, consult a doctor in this case.

If you think that you may have contracted an STI, go visit a doctor immediately as the sexually transmitted diseases can be dangerous to your health.

Even if you know that you have contracted balanitis you should still visit a doctor as most of the time balanitis is caused by a sexually transmitted disease.

If peeling on the foreskin is accompanied by symptoms listed below, immediately visit a doctor.

  • Pain
  • Discharge
  • Burning when urinating
  • Any other worrying symptoms


Most of the time, a cracked foreskin is diagnosed visually. Your doctor will most likely conduct a physical exam and will ask you questions regarding the history of this problem and what symptoms you are suffering from.

A patch test would be taken to determine if you have allergies.

If your doctor suspects that you are most likely suffering from STI, then your doctor will conduct a blood and urine test.

If there is a discharge coming out, then the doctor will take a sample of that discharge and will look at it under a microscope to determine what type of yeast infection you are suffering from.


The cracked foreskin is very common in uncircumcised men, most of the time, it’s nothing to worry about. The cracked foreskin happens because of many reasons and most of the time all they require for treatment are home remedies. Sometimes cracked foreskin happens because of a sexually transmitted disease, if that is the case with you, visit a doctor, as it requires a medical diagnosis for its treatment.

Avoid sexual activities and give your penis some rest and time to heal, having sexual intercourse or activity will only delay the process of healing and if you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease, then having sex may increase the risk of spreading it to your partner.

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