5 Best Natural Dog Hair loss Home Remedies

5 Best Natural Dog Hair loss Home Remedies

Why do dogs lose hair? Hair loss in dogs is not uncommon. The dog is experiencing hair loss. Nobody likes finding out that reason. There are so many reasons because dogs will lose their hair for too long. So let’s find out can you prevent your dog from hair loss? If yes then how do you do it or how you will prevent your dog from hair loss. Now explain the 5 best dog hair loss home remedies in this blog but first, we discussed why this happens and all its causes.

What are the dog hair loss home remedies?

Because of several reasons including allergies, infections, or parasites dogs lose their hair permanently. But you can prevent your dog from losing hair by using some tips at your home without any doctor consultancy. But we suggest that you first show your dog to the doctor he/she will prescribe the correct medication by having a look at your dog. Here we discuss the dog hair loss home remedies. 

Some common dog hair loss home remedies:

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil mostly used for your dog’s immune system, overall skin and coat health, and heart and liver health. It helps to defend against free radicals in the skin, it is an antioxidant medication. Vitamin E Oil is available at most pharmacies or natural living stores. At the bald spot on your pet skin, you can apply this oil then it will help the skin heal faster, and the hair begins to grow.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a very great resource and it has many positive effects on a dog’s skin even on human skin and coat health. If you use coconut oil you can treat so many conditions at a time such as eczema, itchy skin, dry skin, hot spots, bites, and stings, as well as other skin allergy-related symptoms, contact dermatitis, skin cuts and wounds, or generally improve skin health. It is also used in the treatment of allergic reactions. 

How to use Coconut Oil?

You can use coconut oil in two ways: Orally or Topically. Both of them have their capabilities. In your dog’s diet, you can add organic coconut oil like Viva Naturals. In general, it’ll improve the health of your pet. But if you want the best benefit or result of this treatment then use coconut oil by applying topically regarding skin and coat health. The dosage of coconut oil depends upon your dog size. Usually, your vets recommend adding ¼ of a teaspoon for small dogs, and for the large pets or breeds, add 1 teaspoon daily to their meal. Until the hair grows back, you can apply this topical once or twice per day.

When you use the topical form of the coconut oil it would be easy to use even more simple in comparison to orally. Always remember to start the dosage of this form with small amounts because if you are using too much or heavy dosage of this product then your dog’s fur can get greasy. Use only the suggested amount of coconut oil topical by your vet on the affected area.

After applying the topical on the affected area if your pooch licks his skin then you don’t need to worry because coconut oil is not toxic. To keep your dog’s skin coat shiny and healthy you can continue using this product over your dog’s body.

Lemon Juice

The easiest and affordable natural dog hair loss home remedy is lemon juice if your dog loses hair because of a bacterial infection. Do you know that lemon juice contains a high amount of citric acid because of its antibacterial properties? 

How to use Lemon Juice?

  • Take a few slices of lemon and around 5 hours put them into warm water. 
  • After that to remove any pulp or leftover lemon particles strain the liquid.
  • Now you have to put that strain of water into an empty spray bottle.
  • From the bottle apply this product to the affected area two to three times per day.

Olive oil

To apply the on dog’s coat and skin, olive oil is one of dog hair loss home remedies. It helps in the treatment of moisturizing dry, rough skin and soothes any irritation. But the most important use of this product, if your dog is losing hairs then use olive oil it will prevent hair loss. You just need to take 2 tablespoons of oil in your hand and gently rub it on your dog’s skin. Coconut oil is the best dog hair loss home remedies in comparison to all other home remedies.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar provides the immune system a good boost, and it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. So when your dog is losing hair then apple cider vinegar is one of the good dog hair loss home remedies. If you want to boost your dog’s immune system then place two drops of apple cider vinegar on the food.

If you want to relieve itching and hair loss symptoms then take the antifungal bath by applying undiluted apple cider vinegar. You can apply this product 2-3 times per day until the hair begins to grow back. After the bath, rinse the dog with normal clean water. And don’t let this product into your dog’s eyes. Be careful about that because it can sting. Apple cider vinegar could be harmful to the dog because it is a high acidity. Your dog may feel burning or irritation at the place you applied this product. 

What are the causes of dog hair loss?

There are so many reasons by which your dog will lose hair. You can overcome these factors at your home without going anywhere by using these products mentioned above. You can create those medicines by using natural products at your home. But before using these dog hair loss home remedies you need to find out which diseases did this to your dog. All the common factors that can be reasons for your dog might have bald spots or be losing hair. Read all factors or symptoms carefully. 

Common Reasons For Dog Hair Loss

Endocrine Conditions

Cushing’s disease, Alopecia, Addison’s disease, hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism are some Endocrine conditions by which your dog can lose hairs. If your veterinarian didn’t give you the  best course for these conditions then your dog would be in a very serious problem. The supportive supplements can be helpful, once a diagnosis is made.

Dry Skin Due to a Lack of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Your dogs need a proper diet in which they can get the essential fatty acids (EFAs). A Proper diet is very important to your pet. In case the diet is not complete or balanced then your dog may have allergies and skin problems such as hair loss. To get the hair back you can give the fish oil tablets to your dog because fish oil contains essential fatty acids called Omega 3s. Those dogs have hair loss and dry skin often lacks Omega 3 fatty acids.

Food and Environmental Allergies

Both meals and environmental hypersensitive reactions can cause puppies to lose hair. Pets can also increase flea hypersensitive reactions wherein the puppy develops an hypersensitive reaction to the flea bite. Dogs with hypersensitive reactions will itch and scratch, growing bald spots and patches and feeling itchy and miserable. Your canine may also have warm spots and sores or be chewing, licking and scooting on its butt. Many dog proprietors are pissed off due to the fact they have introduced their dog to the veterinarian and used medicinal drugs, but the hustle continues, especially at some stage in the new summertime season months. 

Dogs can get fleas and increase flea hypersensitive reactions withinside the maximum meticulous homes. The first step is to take control of any troubles with fleas. Once fleas are dominated, it is vital to don’t forget what different meals and environmental allergens your puppy can be allergic to. Allergy trying out may be helpful. Switching your puppy to a hypoallergenic weight loss program alongside the usage of some dietary supplements may be life-converting to your puppy. Dogs reply thoroughly to domestic treatments for hypersensitive reactions.

This is not the complete list of common Reasons For Dog Hair Loss. If you need to know more about that you can contact your vet. he/she will tell you everything about this and tell you about the correct medication use.


It is very common for dogs to lose hairs but you can grow them back without going anywhere outside your house. Above we have discussed some dog hair loss home remedies. By using these remedies you can protect your dogs from this problem or maybe some other problem. 

We have discussed the 5 very common and important remedies to use on your dog to get back hairs at the bald spot. Between all of the coconut oil remedies is the best remedy or you can say product by which you can grow your dog hairs again at bald spot area. You can use it normally also with your dog even if your dog is not facing any problem because it has no side effects. 

Hope you’ll find this article very useful. Please tell us your experience with this article in the comment section and keep visiting for further pieces of information.

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